S&S Precision Tool, Inc.
cnc turning, milling, and swiss type machining
380 boxwood road
Red Lion, PA 17356
PHONE: (717)244-1600
FAX: (717)244-6546
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The owners and employees of S&S Precision Tool, Inc. are committed to the quality required and expected by the customer. Our company has been designed to maintain quality as our primary objective. Intended quality standards are met by processing production methods with quality control capabilities, employee training, and adherence to procedures and practices by all employees and management according to our company’s Quality Assurance Manual. All inspection equipment maintained and certified to the National Bureau of Standards.

We have always maintained the highest quality ratings with our customers, and are a certified supplier for numerous parts and assemblies for our largest customer. This allows our parts to go directly to assembly or stock without inspection by the customer. We were first to achieve this in 2003, and still are one of the only two suppliers that has earned this confidence.

Complete material, process, and feature documentation and traceability available.

All of our quality procedures and practices are compliant with ISO standards.

References provided upon request.

From prototypes to production we are committed to working with our customers to provide economical solutions to meet their functional needs, while providing the following services:

CNC Turning

CNC Milling

CNC Swiss Machining




Stocking Program - to provide just in time delivery